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With a felt upper layer and natural rubber backing Rug Pad is a low profile, high performance rug underlay suitable for both hard and soft floors and is the perfect solution for when door clearance or rug thickness is an issue.

For enquiries about Rug Pad, please contact us via phone on (03) 9500 8882 or email us.

* 2 pieces of underlay may be required where the rug exceeds the maximum available width roll.

* Unless otherwise stated, underlays are cut slightly smaller than the listed rug sizes.

Specification Details

MATERIAL: Natural rubber & Non Woven felt
CONSTRUCTION: Two material components are heat pressed to create a long lasting and durable rug underlay
WEIGHT: 900gsm
COLOR: Grey & Charcoal
PROPERTIES: Odourless, resilient and free of harmful substances
USE ON: All types of floors

* NOT for use or on lacquered or urethane surfaces and only suitable on floors treated with solvent free sealants. Newly sealed floors with water-based lacquers must be given a period of no less than 3 months to ‘completely’ dry and cure. Lifting and cleaning beneath the rug underlay is required every 3 months thereafter. NOT for use on "newly" laid ceramic tiles or porous flooring.

Features and Benefits

- Easy to cut
- Odourless
- Enhance safety by anchoring area rugs and reduce slipping
- Non Slip
- Vacuum your rugs more easily
- Quality engineered to keep your rugs safer, softer and securely in place

Available Roll Sizes

3m x 12m
2.4m x 12m
1.9m x 15m
1.6m x 20m
0.8m x 20m
Custom cut sizes also available, please contact us via phone on (03) 9500 8882 or email us.

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