Product Guarantee
Rubber Anchor only distributes products that have been developed to meet world-wide industry standards.
We guarantee that our products are the finest of their kind, that they are free from manufacturing defects and that they will perform as described. In the unlikely event that any of our products do not function in accordance with this guarantee, Rubber Anchor will gladly replace the product at no charge. We will however require a sample of the allegedly defective product and proof of purchase to be sent to: 1 / 42 Burlington St Oakleigh VIC. AUSTRALIA 3166. Unless made in writing there are no other warranties or representations.

Product Quality Control Process
For your peace of mind we are happy to detail below our stringent 3-point quality check procedure which is in place for all of our products.

  1. Quality Control (Pre-Production) – we only purchase raw materials which are certified and meet our strict guidelines.
  2. Quality Control (During Production) – the weight, size, thickness and adhesive qualities of all our products are thoroughly inspected to ensure the end product is of the highest finish.
  3. Quality Control (Post Production) – random tests are carried out to ensure the final products meet our requirements. Where applicable we also archive test samples. Furthermore, we also conduct individual inspections at the manufacturers production plants and rug looms.