Collection: RUG WASHING


Our specialised rug washing service ensures that the greatest of care is taken with each and every rug that we receive, with each piece being individually inspected and processed according to what will yield the best result. The most common types of rugs that we clean are traditional antique rugs, new wool and silk rugs, kilims, jute rugs, viscose rugs and more. Click below to learn more.

The type of wash that we ultimately implement depends not only on the composition of your rug, but also whether the rug is hand knotted, hand tufted or indeed machine made. All of these factors are taken into account when determining how to best approach the cleaning of your rug.

  • All rugs are thoroughly dusted before the wash process to remove the dirt and grit that is built up between the fibres and that cause the rug to wear
  • Fully submerged in fresh filtered water
  • Non-toxic allergen free wash
  • Rugs fully rinsed out / no residue in fibre
  • Enzyme treatment to break down odour and bacteria by request
  • Pet odour removal by request
  • Moth removal and prevention treatment
  • Water damage restoration (Dye migration removal, Mould and mildew removal)
  • We are able to clean all types of fibers (Wool, Silk, Viscose, Bamboo and Banana Silk, Cotton, Hemp, Felt, Jute, Sisal, Cowhides and Sheepskins, Hand knotted, machine made, hand tufted, needlepoint, flat weave and kilims)

Customer Reviews

Aisha Hillary-Morgan, Hills & West Interiors on April 2, 2022

Raffi and his team provided such a world class service, their communication, attention to detail for the cleaning and care for the integrity of the rug was phenomenal. The underlay was also of premium quality. Personal care and true passion is rare to find nowadays and I am grateful we have found such a premium partner for our clients

Bianca on Mar 27, 2022

Had my dirty rug picked up, washed and dropped off with amazing results. My rug is now clean and the service from the gentlemen were exceptional. Will definitely share their details with my friends and family

Charles on Feb 16, 2022

Had some existing stains on my rug, so I was in need of a reputable company to wash my rug. Was highly recommended by an interior designer friend of mine to contact these guys. Blown away with the result. Feels like I have a brand new rug again, and it smells fresh