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Protect-It Premier is used for the surface protection of all floor types during construction and renovations of residential and commercial properties and protects surfaces from liquid spills (such as paint), as well as dirt and grime. It is easy to apply, easily removable and can is re-usable. Unlike most other products on the market Protect-It Premier’s self-adhesive qualities means there is no need to tape this product down in order to secure it. This product creates a safe working environment thanks to its adhesive qualities which ensures it lies flat, smooth and does not shift.

Specification Details

MATERIAL: 100% Polyester Fibres
CONSTRUCTION: Non-woven, needle punched into very dense compression. Sprayed with soft tackyfied acrylic binder. Laminated with an impermeable PE-film
WEIGHT: 180gsm
COLOR: Blue and natural
PROPERTIES: Odourless, humidity & rot resistant, shock resistant
ORIGIN: Europe
USE ON: All floor types*

* It is NOT suitable for freshly laid ceramic tiles or porous flooring/freshly sealed wooden flooring.

Features and Benefits

- Easy to handle & cut
- Is self-adhesive and no additional taping to surface is required
- Easy to install & remove
- Re-usable
- Recyclable
- Increased safety
- Surface Protection
- Quality engineered to protect both interior and exterior surfaces

Available Sizes

- Length of all Protect-It Premier rolls: 25m or 50m
- Width of Protect-It Premier rolls: 1m
- Custom cut sizes also available, please contact us for enquiries.

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