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Over time a rug needs specialized care to preserve its beauty for generations.

Conservation and restoration are processes that demand a high degree of skill and experience.

Restorations that are carried out by unqualified repairers and restorers can adversely affect your rug.

We specialize in preserving the value of your investment and our repair & restoration service is undertaken by our in-house restorer who is highly qualified and who has an in-depth knowledge of colors, textures and compositions to repair and restore rugs of all varieties, whether they are new or indeed antique museum pieces.

Early detection of damaged handmade rugs are vitally important to preserve the value of your investment. As a result, the best time to get your rug repaired is NOW, before further damage is done.

Our restorer specializes in the following areas of rug restoration:

- Reweaving entire designs
- Moth damage restoration
- Color matching and reweaving damaged or missing pile
- Adding new or securing fringes
- Rug tears
- Reweaving of rugs damaged caused by pets including dogs and cats
- Resizing rugs / kilims as required
- Repair of color run damage